Inserting A Custom Map with WPGeo

The WPGeo plugin allows any page or post to have a custom map with one location point.

When the plugin is installed, a blank map will appear at the bottom of the editing screen for the page or post.



Using this control panel, you can find the general location of the map you want to insert, and then zoom in to set the precise location of the marker. If you use the other controls,  you can set the title of the pin (default is the title of page or post) and customize the zoom and appearance of your map. Your readers will see the map you created in your page or post, and have the option to open it in Google Maps for further exploration.

A blog or a website can have one page that combines all of the WPGeo used on the site pages and posts into one map that summarizes all locations on the site. If you are interested in this feature, we can help you with the plugin.