by Kate Weseley-Jones

Welcome! Have you heard of Odin, Freyja, or Thor, but know little about the actual belief systems of the early Viking Age? Maybe you are familiar with texts on Norse mythology but want to learn more. Anyone interested in pushing their understanding of the Viking Age, and especially Norse mythology, will find plenty of material with which to begin on this site. The Lejre Figure: Reexamining Norse Mythology is an online exhibition designed to teach visitors about the mythological art of Viking Age through guided visual analysis.

(source: Ole Malling © ROMU)

Like an in-person exhibit, this website is designed to give you a self-guided experience. As you learn more about one of the most interesting Viking-age artifacts found to date, most commonly known as “Odin from Lejre,” you will be given the opportunity to seek out information tailored to your specific interests. Based on the elements that you choose to study further, there are far more artifacts and texts to be discovered. Start by taking a close look at the find. Then, choose a button at the bottom of the page to begin exploring the exhibition!

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