Unimusportalen (Norwegian with English)
Cultural-historical collections of the Norwegian university museums (Tromsø, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen, and Oslo)
Digitalt feltmuseum (Norwegian)
Digital documentation of archaeological and cultural heritage, including excavation maps and 3D models of artifacts.
Norske Oldfunn (Norwegian)
An important series of volumes including all major publications on Kaupang


Nationalmuseets samlinger online (Danish with English)
Online collections of the National Museum of Denmark
Museernes samlinger (Danish with English)
Collections of the cultural-historical museums of Denmark
Sydvestjyske museers samling online (Danish)
Collections of the Museum of Southwest Jutland
Gåden om Odin (Danish)
TV show by DR2 with themes overlapping this course


Statens historiska museer samlingar (Swedish with English)
Selected objects from the State Historical Museums
Historiska museets samlingar (Swedish)
Full collections of the historical museum
SHM Katalogvisning (Swedish)
Images searchable by SHM catalog number
Björkögravar (Swedish)
Catalog of finds from graves excavated at Birka
Digitaliserad litteratur (Swedish and German)
Key publications on Birka
The Viking World (English)
Online companion to the Swedish History Museum exhibition

Rune Stones

Runor (English)
Database of runic inscriptions
Danske Runeindskrifter (Danish)
Database of runic inscriptions, generally overlapping with the above
Danske runeinnskrifter fra vikingtiden (Danish)
Additional images of Danish runestones
Gamla runinskrifter (Swedish)
Catalog of runic inscriptions with images


Sarpur (Icelandic)
Museum collections from Iceland
Archaeology Data Service (English)
Repository for archaeological and historical data in the UK
Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (English)
Individuals and information from Anglo-Saxon period documents
Old English Poetry in Facsimile (English)
Includes verse from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the Battle of Maldon, etc.
eSawyer (English)
Catalog of Anglo-Saxon Charters building on publications by Peter Sawyer
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture (English)
English sculpture from the seventh to eleventh centuries
Viking Burials in Scotland (English)
Catalog of sites launched by Shane McLeod in 2015
Orkneyjar (English)
Heritage resource for the Orkney Islands maintained by Sigurd Towrie
Collections of the National Museum of Finland (Finnish and English)
Includes a partial catalog of archaeological finds with images
Ladoga Museum (Russian)
Finds from the Viking-Age town at Staraya Ladoga (Ста́рая Ла́дога)


World-Tree Project (English)
Digital archive collected by Tom Birkett and Roderick Dale 2015–17
Viking Archaeology (English)
Educational resources collected on a site run by David Beard
Viking Archaeology Blog (English)
News featuring Viking archaeology to support coursework at Oxford
The Viking Answer Lady (English)
An FAQ-style site originally developed for SCA audiences
Viking Society Web Publications (English)
From the Viking Society for Northern Research based in England