In the face of enduring and emergent challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the insights offered by Critical Global Health offer a vital vantage of reflection and action.

Students in our Fall 2020 Critical Perspectives in Global Health have crafted this collection of creative projects, reflecting on some of the most pressing issues in health today.

Students matched rigorous analysis and research with creative and dynamic presentation taking thorough advantage of digital platforms to bring their insights to life.  Drawing the critical toolkit developed in class, and often deploying a wide range of methodologies, students developed projects that explored the historical underpinnings, social dynamics, and economic structures that frame the ways in which healthcare is thought of and experienced on the ground.

Their findings were presented in podcasts, timelines, videos, websites, and other mixed media that gave their insights a powerful voice. Crucially, many of these projects offer meditations on possible avenues towards progress, entering into conversations with experts and those whose lives have been most affected by the challenges they describe to imagine novel futures amid uncertainty.

This collection of projects brings together a vital set of concerns about what global health looks like today. Historically attuned, geographically broad, and critically astute, these projects invite a consideration of pressing and enduring challenges, opening new vistas into how global health is lived in the twenty-first century.


Sebastián Ramírez – Lead Instructor

Arbel Griner & Heidi Morefield – Post-doctoral teaching fellows

Samin Rashidbeigi & Pallavi R. Rodapati – Graduate student teaching assistants



Header Image Credits:

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  • Illustration by Leah Worthington.
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