Episode #9: Squiggly Lines

Lois Wu investigates what defines a community and its borders, taking a look at the squiggly lines and loose feelings separating two neighborhoods in eastern Queens. Full Description: Think about the neighborhood you live in. What defines it? Are there strict boundaries — streets that concretely set it apart from ( more… )

Episode #8: Market Love

Michael Hu makes his first online dating profile, as he examines the philosophy of virtual connection and its effects on society. Full Description: Online dating activity has surged over the past year. Perhaps you yourself have tips on scoring the perfect date from your phone. But what is the philosophy ( more… )

Episode #7: The Kids Are Starting Businesses

Noa Wollstein profiles several young people turning the pandemic into an opportunity, starting businesses and pursuing their dreams despite new boundaries imposed by COVID-19. Full Description: COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Women left the workforce at disproportionately high rates. Mom-and-pop stores closed left and right. Career paths were ( more… )

Episode #5: Making it Home From Here

Ana Sotomayor delves into what “home” means for undocumented immigrants in the U.S., and how changing laws impact that relationship. Full description:  For undocumented immigrants in the United States, defining home can be paralyzing. And that question is changing along with the laws. The Senate is currently weighing “The American ( more… )

Episode #4: Exporting the Sound of America

Ameya Hadap takes a look at the State Department’s use of music to push American influence, examining the perspectives of musicians who engage in cultural diplomacy programs. Full description: Glance at any country’s Top 40, and chances are American hits dominate. It’s a powerful cultural force. The State Department has ( more… )

Episode #3: Pandemic Puppetry

Anna Allport highlights how a decades-old marionette theatre has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, bridging the gap between puppets and their socially distant audiences. Full Description: For over 74 years, the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre has been putting on innovative puppet musicals from a wooden theater hidden inside New York’s ( more… )

Episode #2: Part of the Story

Zachary Shevin explores the ripple effects of repression, and how backlash from one Chinese dissident’s human rights work has impacted his family. Full Description: China is a dangerous place to be an activist. Human rights defenders are often harassed, intimidated, or arbitrarily detained for their work. For Teng Biao, those ( more… )

Episode #1: Pulled Apart

Alex Hunter tells the story of a small town uniquely impacted by the US-Canada border closure, and the grocery store holding it together. Full description: South of Vancouver, Canada, is a small peninsula that dips just below the border into the United States. It’s called Point Roberts, and it’s home ( more… )