58 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2017

February 23rd, 2017


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  • Readings


  • Bottom End – Disassembled the oil pump and removed the stuck ball bearing with the help of a hammer. Tested the oil pump by hand, which was not enough, because they only tested one direction.
  • Clutch Started preparing the oil reservoir for the powder coater. Started preparing the clutch pads.
  • Electrical – Started testing the capacitor, but the multimeter was not working. Prepared working on the lighting and batter box. Started looking for a headlamp.
  • Fastener – Measuring the engine cover and making a new gasket for it.
  • Fork – Started sandblasting new parts for the fork. They put in plastic so they could duct tape it onto the part.
  • Frame Researched style and worked with the professor to make their own part. Started taking apart the rear struts.
  • Top End – Spend the bulk of the last meeting sandblasting and clearing off the head. Cleaned the head using the orange bath.
  • Wheels 


A skill that we can develop during this course is Problem Finding, as opposed to Problem Solving.


  • ZAMM
    • Chapter 6
      • Motorcycle mentions
      • Feedback System
        • Cam Chain
        • Cam Shaft
        • Tappets
        • Distributor
      • Lubrication System
        • Camshaft
        • Wankel, Otto engines
        • Rectifier.
    • Classical vs Romantic –  false Dischotomy
      • Makes it more impressive
      • Classical doesn’t have to be dull, awkward, and boring
      • Classical vs. Romantic is simplified
      • Blueprint to a classical person – he is fascinated – a romantic view built into the classical view
      • You don’t see the forrest because of the trees
      • Scientific Analysis – breaking things into parts
      • John does not know how to approach a problem mecahanically and it overwhelms him
    • Phaedrus was a master at cutting things up
  • Shop Class as Soulcraft
    • Model T assembly lines
    • Personal Services are not safe eier
    • Pattern recognizing systems
    • Future of replacing peopel
    • Human Ingenuity to Repair and Figure out Stuff
    • Going to college vs not going to college – he is making a case for the trades
    • How do you figure out things.