58 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2017

February 21st, 2017 (Day 5)


  • Updates on shop progress
  • Readings


Bottom End Report


Disassembly of the engine:

-tried to get it to work:

  • found that the gear ratios are important
  • quadrant (the shifter)
  • to loosen (remove) the flywheel they had to lock the connecting rod into place with



Spent time on backplate, to figure out how it worked

Went to the bunker and found replacement parts


The points system was checked. Gotta get all the pieces cleared up


Finished taking it apart and started looking up missing parts.


Finished taking apart the forks and started cleaning them.


Almost finished sandblasting the frame and started checking for the cracks.


Emma and Stephanie are now the sandblasting experts and will take care of any further sandblasting needs.


Top End

Finished taking the valves and the springs out, together with the shins. They used a C-clamp to compress it. Afterwards they cleaned and prepared the top end of the sandblasting.



Worked on the hub, and took the bearings apart together with the other parts. They cleaned the other parts with a brass brush, since it does not damage the steel.



Motorcycle References

-Toolbox that comes with the bike;

-Adjustable, open-ended wrench (crescent wrench);

-Machinist Hammer: Ball Pein Hammer;

-Cold chisel: all-metal chisel;

-Taper Punch: used to punch holes (easier to handle) – Tire Irons: Levers



-Impact driver – used to get parts (bolts) that are stuck off.

-A point file:

  • Fueler Gauger – best way to measure small dimmensions.
  • Handlebar clamps – use a shim (piece of alumminum)
  • Plugs,
  • Points
  • Throttle
  • Cotter Pins – locker pins
  • Spare Chain
  • Chain Coupling Link – couples the chain (master link)
  • Riding a motorcycle gives it a personality
  • Engines has a nickles and dimes sound
  • Chain Tension
  • Chain Lubrication
  • Every Hundred miles – put oil on the chain
  • He carries the manuals and the troubleshooting guide


Ch. 4

  • He was willing to take care of the gloves and put effort into them.
  • Each motorcycle has its own personality.
  • The shim is a magical shim – Artistic versus Technological Understanding of the world.
  • Farmers value tech.


  • The son suffers from an early stage of mental illness. The wife is not along on the trip because the narrator and his son try to work this out.
  • We learn that Phaedrus is the narrator’s past self, when he had schizophrenia.