São Paulo: Development and Displacement

By: Isabella Gomes

A mapping exploration of the Jd. Panorama and Real Parque favelas in São Paulo, Brazil. The goal of the project is to investigate the construction of Conjunto Habitacional Real Parque, a social housing project in Real Parque, and contrast it to recent urbanization plans for the Jd. Panorama community. By engaging with archival material and personal interviews, I hope to reclaim the human dimension of living in the city, highlighting residents’ perspectives in the face of urban change. 

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About the Map-maker:

Isabella Gomes is a member of the Class of 2025 majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Urban Studies. She is interested in the sustainable and equitable development of cities, with a special focus on urban spaces in Latin America. São Paulo, in particular, is dear to her heart as it is the city where she has spent most of her life. 



Cover Image: Escritório Paulistano de Arquitetura (2012). Cj Habitacional do Real Parque. Photo by Sehab. http://www.epaulistano.com.br/real-parque.html