Center City Philadelphia Through Seven Years of Childhood Memory

By: Hazel Flaherty

This project represents childhood perceptions of place-based memory and distance. Dashed lines represent walking distances with comments on the methods of travel and perceived length. Images are sourced from either a recent visit to Philadelphia this past January or a family/childhood archive. In some cases, these photos are compared to display discrepancies in my own childhood memory. A number of illustrations represent place-based memories that I find to be particularly entertaining and strange to have remained in my memory for so long. I did my best to spatially orient each of the locations according to my childhood understanding of their geographic relation to one another.


Instructions for Map Navigation:


1. Open the image to full-screen size on a computer.

2. Zoom to the point where images are visible and text is legible, from there, do not zoom out or in further but navigate through the image by swiping around.


About the Map-maker:

Hazel Flaherty is a member of the Class of 2024 majoring in Architecture. 



Cover Image: Courtesy of Hazel Flaherty.