A Gentle Look: A Collection of Indonesian Queer Existence

By: Nal Xaviera

A human, soft reframing of how Indonesian queerness is often presented, seen through narratives and historical accounts.

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About the Map-maker:

Hello! My name is Nal Xaviera and I am finishing up my second year in Civil and Environmental Engineering (strong emphasis on the civil side). I am Indonesian so whenever I have the opportunity to do my own research at Princeton, I make it about Indonesia. In my free time, I like drawing (albeit not with much skill) and reading novels (which I can do quite well!).



Cover Image by T. Toomistu. The founders of the Pondok Pesantren for Waria, the former leader Ibu Mariyani (left) and the current leader Ibu Shinta (right) in Yogyakarta, 2011.