The Tiger Challenge


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With the vision “To transform research into ideas towards action”, the Tiger Challenge program strives to empower students to tackle the seemingly intractable societal issues using design thinking to make real, lasting social impact, while establishing strong partnerships between students and local communities and partners.

Launched in 2016, the Tiger Challenge is a co-curricular, multi-semester social innovation program at Princeton University that guides student teams through the human-centered, or “design thinking”, a process to tackle complex societal issues. Students in the program go through a year-long practical experience of taking their projects from contextualization to conceptualization, and eventually implementation.

As a part of the Tiger Challenge, Downpour Detour is a team dedicated to developing an effective solution to mitigate severe flood damages caused by storms, and reducing stormwater flood casualties in New Jersey. Over the summer, the team conducted 50+ interviews and did research contextualizing the problem. In the Fall and Spring semesters that follow, the team takes their research and insights to the next level by realizing them as ideas to be implemented with community partners