Reporting on the front lines of history in Greece

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Profiting Off Protest

By Matthew Miller

ATHENS, Greece — With the theme from Rocky playing in the background, vendors on June 17 hawked everything from patriotic banners to Mickey Mouse balloons at a protest at Syntagma Square that ended with riot police teargassing members of the crowd of up to 5,000 protestors.

A protestor singing along to the music at Sunday’s protest

A range of vendors profited off of the cheerful atmosphere that prevailed earlier in the day.  Greek men, women and children gathered at Syntagma Square outside the Hellenic Parliament to protest a recent deal to change the name of the nation of Macedonia to the Republic of North Macedonia. Greece claims historical ownership of the Macedonian name and has blocked Macedonia’s membership in the European Union and NATO over the naming dispute. President Alexis Tsipras of Greece and President Zoran Zaev of Macedonia reached an agreement to rename Macedonia  in exchange for Greece’s official recognition. This agreement sparked right-wing protests in both nations as protestors complained that their government traded away their country’s claim to the name Macedonia.

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Torched grove leads to hunger strike

President Nick Trackellis of Moria town on hunger strike outside of the Aegean Ministry in Mytilene

By Matthew Miller

MYTILENE, Greece — Claims of pet cats killed, skinned and eaten. Residents assaulted with knives. A fire that burned fields and farms.

These are all problems created by migrants, according to residents near the notorious refugee camp of Moria.

On Sunday, the elected leader of the nearby village of Moria, Nick Trackellis, launched a hunger strike. Trackellis, whose official title is village president, is now on day three of the strike, on view to the public in front of the Aegean Ministry. He calls it a final attempt to force Greek government officials in Athens to act on these concerns.

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