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“Contagion” (WRI 163/164) is an interdisciplinary Writing Seminar that explores the cultural and biological meanings of infectious disease.The course is taught by Dr. Carolyn Ureña, a lecturer in the Princeton Writing Program. This website showcases a selection of fictional science news podcasts written and recorded by the students of WRI 163/164 for their final assignment of the semester. Click here for the full course description.

Many thanks to Daniel Claro and Sorat Tungkasiri of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning’s Digital Learning Lab for their assistance in creating this website and for teaching the students of “Contagion” how to create their own podcasts!


Image Information: Ebola Virus Particles. Colorized scanning electron micrograph of filamentous Ebola virus particles (blue) budding from a chronically infected VERO E6 cell (yellow-green).

Image Credit: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health

Carolyn Ureña Written by:

Dr. Ureña is a lecturer in the Princeton Writing Program.

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