Avatar Spirit

  • Fusion of living human spirit + Raava
    • Human becomes known as “the Avatar”
    • Grants ability to bend all elements + energy itself (spiritbending)
  • Reincarnated upon death into the next nation in a cycle (fire, air, water, earth)
    • Able to recall memories from + converse w/ past lives
    • When invoking Avatar State, can channel energy from all past lives at once
  • Bridge between Spirit World + physical world
  • Embodiment of peace, light, balance, harmony
  • See also: Raava

Aye-Aye Spirit

  • Takes form of anthropomorphic aye-aye
  • Guardian of an oasis in the Spirit Wilds
  • Able to teleport over short distances + possess humans
    • Leaves human hosts w/ physical attributes permanently altered to resemble aye-aye
  • Suspicious + distrustful of humans
    • “Ugly, destructive, and lacking any respect for nature” 
    • Initially denied Wan access to oasis, until he proved himself ally to spirits
  •  See also: Spirit Wilds

Baboon Spirit

  • Takes form of anthropomorphic baboon
  • First encountered meditating near the realm of Koh
  • Unfriendly toward humans
    • Brushed off Aang when he asked for their help
  • In pursuit of ultimate tranquility for meditation purposes
  • See also: Koh


  • Takes form of giant catfish-alligator chimera
  • Encountered in aquatic regions of the Spirit World
    • Smaller physical counterparts first encountered in the Foggy Swamp
  • Ravenous bottom-feeders, yet easily overpowered/tamed by humans
  • See also: Foggy Swamp

Dark Avatar Spirit

  • Fusion of living human spirit + Vaatu
    • Human becomes antithesis of the Avatar
  • Greatly amplified ability to bend element of original human bender
    • Also able to spiritbend
  • Embodiment of darkness, chaos
  • Attempts to replace Avatar spirit in cycle of reincarnation
  • Gigantic + monstrous when balance disrupted
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, Raava, Vatu

Dark Spirit

  • Spirit that has become unbalanced
  • Most notable when under influence of Vaatu
    • Generally susceptible to turning dark when energy around it is negative
      • E.g. when Korra was upset after getting lost in Spirit World
  • Appearance takes on more sharpness + darker colors
  • Consumed by thoughtless rage
    • Able to be controlled by dominating force like Vaatu
  • See also: Vaatu

Dragon Bird Spirit

  • Takes form of dragon-bird chimera
    • Purple when young, yellow + red as adult
    • Young dragon bird spirits merge together to become one adult
  • First encountered near Hai-Ryo Peak in Spirit World
    • Nests on top of mountains
  • May allow humans to ride it

Dragon Eel Spirit

  • Takes form of dragon-eel chimera
    • Aerial, not aquatic
  • First encountered at Tree of Time in Spirit World
    • Retreated when Kuvira began threatening spirits living in Republic City after Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG
  • Spoke on behalf of spirits when Korra asked for their help in defending Republic City
    • Informed her that spirits would no longer get involved with human wars
    • Reminded her how Unalaq once used Vaatu to force spirits to fight for him
  • See also: Harmonic Convergence, Tree of Time, Vaatu

Dragonfly Bunny Spirit

  • Takes form of small dragonfly-bunny chimera
  • First encountered at the Eastern Air Temple
    • Apparent proclivity for moving between Spirit World + physical world
  • Travels in groups
  • Curious + friendly
  • Only appears to humans with strong spiritual connections
    • Can bond with specific individuals


  • Spirit of Avatar Roku’s dragon
    • Animal guides accompany Avatars from birth to death
  • Retained ability to fly
  • Telepathic whiskers used to communicate with Aang
  • Can transport spirits of living humans to + from spirit world
    • While spirit is journeying, physical body remains a motionless shell
  • As spirit, invisible + intangible to nearly everyone in physical world

Firefly Spirit

  • Takes form of firefly
  • Guided Aang to lair of Koh, after he was dismissed by Baboon Spirit
    • Shows Spirit World visitors where to find what they are looking for
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, Baboon Spirit, Koh

Foggy Swamp

  • Sprawling, mysterious wetland in Earth Kingdom
    • Everything connected to giant banyan-grove tree in the middle
    • Toph able to use it to sense what is happening throughout the world
  • Considered part of Spirit Wilds
  • Spiritual + sentient properties
    • Creates own weather/climate
    • Induces visions of past/present/future
    • Occasionally moves of its own accord
  • Home to isolated tribe of waterbenders
  • See also: Spirit Wilds

Frog Spirit

  • Takes form of anthropomorphic blue poison dart frog
  • Encountered in Spirit Wilds
  • Capable of changing physical size
    • Wan accidentally stepped on spirit when he was small
    • Spirit rebuked Wan, grew to giant size, tried to step on him in return
  • See also: Spirit Wilds

Fruithog Spirit

  • Takes form of durian-hedgehog chimera
  • Migrated to Republic City after Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG
    • Took up residence with spirit vines in middle of road
  • Nearly crashed Korra’s satomobile
    • Blamed her for problematic integration of physical + Spirit World
    • Claimed spirits + vines were “one and the same”
  • See also: Harmonic Convergence, Spirit Vines

Guardian Spirit

  • Takes form based on Chinese guardian lion spirit
    • When dark, becomes darker + sharper + more menacing in form
  • First encountered en route to Hai-Ryo Peak in Spirit World
    • Guided Korra to summit in quest to return injured dragon bird spirit to nest
  • Affection, helpful, playful
  • Able to teleport in beam of blue light
  • See also: Dark Spirits, Dragon Bird Spirit

Harmonic Convergence

  • Alignment of planets every 10,000 years
  • Greatly amplifies spiritual energy
    • Spirit portals overlap
    • Spiritual energy envelops physical world
  • Raava + Vaatu battle to determine whether world experiences era of light + peace/darkness + chaos
  • See also: Raava, Spirit Portal, Vaatu

Hei Bai

  • Takes form of six-legged black-and-white monster or giant panda
  • Protector of forest outside Senlin Village
  • Became enraged when Fire Nation destroyed forest
    • Abducted villager into Spirit World every night at sundown
      • Abducted Sokka, prompting Aang to give chase
    • Calmed down after Aang reassured it the forest would regrow
  • In monstrous form, able to teleport + decimate buildings + emit sonic screams
  • In panda form, able to make bamboo spontaneously grow
  • Able to transport spirits of living humans to + from Spirit World


  • Spirit of Iroh residing in Spirit World
    • Chose to leave physical body + ascend to Spirit World
    • Befriended spirits + started tea shop
  • Guided Korra when lost in Spirit World + reverted to four-year-old self
    • Advised her to find balance within self in order to bring balance back to Spirit World + inhabitants
  • Able to appear/disappear + find other souls in Spirit World
  • See also: Avatar Spirit

Kind Spirit

  • Takes form of ethereal, green, plantlike beings
  • Innocent + childlike in nature
  • First encountered at Spirit Oasis
  • Kind + helpful to Wan as he searched for other lion turtle cities
    • Befriended him when he decided to live in Spirit World
  • See also: Lion Turtle, Spirit Oasis

Knowledge Seeker

  • Takes form of fox
  • Assistant to Wan Shi Tong
    • Collects books + parchments from around the world to add to his library
    • Perfect archival knowledge of library
    • Assists library patrons in return for treats
  • Able to travel long distances + scale vertical walls
  • Helped Aang, Katara, Sokka find out about Day of Black Sun
  • Helped Jinora find out about Harmonic Convergence
  • See also: Wan Shi Tong, Harmonic Convergence


  • Takes form of enormous centipede-like being
  • Resides in dark lair in Spirit Wilds
  • Steals faces of beings that express emotion in his presence
    • Tries to startle/goad visitors to his lair, in order to steal more faces
    • Wears different stolen faces like masks
  • Stole face of the lover of a previous Avatar incarnation
  • Ancient + knowledgeable spirit
    • Told Aang the lore of Moon + Ocean Spirits
      • Old enough to remember when they crossed over to physical world 
      • But kept trying to steal Aang's face throughout
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, La, Spirit Wilds, Tui


  • Takes form of black koi with large white spot on head
  • Ocean spirit who crossed over to physical world
    • Resides in Spirit Oasis with Moon Spirit (Tui)
    • Keep balance together in eternal dance of push + pull
  • Able to fuse with Avatar in Avatar State
    • Formed giant, destructive koi spirit made of water + light
      • Wrath of ocean incarnate
    • Wiped out entire Fire Nation fleet
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, Spirit Oasis, Tui


  • Takes form of frog with two heads
    • Left head is female, named May
    • Right head is male, named Jim
  • May + Jim married to each other
    • First encountered at wedding ceremony outside Iroh’s tea shop in Spirit World
    • “Polar opposite personalities”
  • When dark, May + Jim begin arguing with each other
  • See also: Dark Spirits, Iroh

Light Spirit

  • Takes form of little yellow spirit with leaves on head
  • Migrated to Republic City after Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG
    • First encountered at Misty Palms Oasis
  • Appeared to Korra while meditating in Tree of Time
    • Appeared to her again as small white dog in Earth Kingdom town
    • Scared away her Avatar State doppelganger
    • Led her to Foggy Swamp for spiritual healing
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, Foggy Swamp, Harmonic Convergence, Tree of Time

Lion Turtle

  • Takes form of massive lion-turtle chimera
  • Early humans established cities on backs of different lion turtles, as protection from Spirit Wilds
  • Each associated with different element
    • Able to grant humans power to bend that element + take it away again
  • Last lion turtle appeared to Aang in form of moving island
    • Taught him how to spiritbend
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, Spirit Wilds

Painted Lady

  • Takes form of beautiful, ghostly woman with a painted face
  • Guardian of Jang Hui, a river town
    • Said to have protective + healing abilities
  • Driven away when Fire Nation polluted river
  • Appeared to Katara to thank her for protecting Jang Hui residents + cleansing river


  • Takes form of abstract entity made of white light
  • Spirit of light + peace
    • One of the oldest known spirits
  • In perpetual conflict with Vaatu
    • Even when she vanquishes him, he will be reborn from darkness within her by next Harmonic Convergence
    • When separated by Wan, had to fuse with his spirit in order to restore balance
      • Created Avatar Spirit
  • Severed from Korra + previous Avatars by Vaatu during Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG
    • Fused with Korra’s spirit again in Spirit World, starting new Avatar Cycle
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, Vaatu

Spirit Oasis

  • Warm, verdant garden + pond at the North Pole
    • Most spiritual place in the Northern Water Tribe
  • Home of Tui + La, after they crossed into physical world
    • Their energy makes oasis flourish
  • Avatar may enter Spirit World here, through meditation
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, La, Tui

Spirit Portal

  • Gateway between Spirit World + physical world
    • Allows humans + spirits to travel freely between worlds 
    • Can be opened by Avatar during solstices, when Spirit World is closest to physical world
    • Appears as beams of energy extending from ground to sky when opened
  • Considered part of Spirit Wilds
  • Two located at North + South Poles
    • Created when Vaatu first broke through barrier separating worlds
  • One located in Republic City
    • Created by Korra spiritbending
  • During Harmonic Convergence, spirit portals overlap + greatly amplify spiritual energy
    • Spirits temporarily become more powerful
  • Korra made decision to keep spirit portals permanently open after Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, Harmonic Convergence, Raava, Vaatu

Spirit Vines

  • Thick, fast-growing vines that emerged in Republic City after Korra decided to keep spirit portals open
    • Initially grew quite invasively throughout city
    • Imbued with potent spiritual energy
      • Kuvira tried to weaponize their incredible destructive power
  • Became home to spirits that migrated over from Spirit World
  • New part of Spirit Wilds
  • See also: Spirit Portal, Spirit Wilds

Spirit Wilds

  • Places in physical world with heavy spiritual energy + connection to Spirit World
  • Widespread in early days, until humans eventually settled over most of it
    • Home to diverse spirits
    • Generally considered dangerous by humans
  • Some pockets of Spirit Wilds still remain in present day
    • E.g. Foggy Swamp, Spirit Oasis, Spirit Portal, Spirit Vines
  • See also: Foggy Swamp, Spirit Oasis, Spirit Portal, Spirit Vines


  • Takes form of white koi with large black spot on head
  • Moon Spirit that crossed over to physical world
    • Resides in Spirit Oasis with Ocean Spirit (La)
    • Together, they keep balance in eternal dance of push + pull
  • Original, most powerful waterbender
    • Taught early Water Tribe members how to waterbend
  • Gave baby Princess Yue some of its life force to save her life
  • Killed by Admiral Zhao
    • Resulted in spiritual lunar eclipse that threw world out of balance
      • Waterbending ceased to exist
    • Resurrected by Yue, who sacrificed herself to become new Moon Spirit
  • See also: La, Spirit Oasis, Yue


  • Takes form of abstract entity made of darkness + shadow
  • Spirit of darkness + chaos
    • One of the oldest known spirits
    • First to cross over to physical world, creating Northern + Southern spirit portals in process
  • In perpetual conflict with Raava
    • Even when he vanquishes her, she will be reborn from light within him by next Harmonic Convergence
    • Separated by Wan, then imprisoned in Tree of Time after Wan fused his spirit with Raava
  • Severed Raava from Korra + previous Avatars during Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG
    • Fused with Unalaq’s spirit to form Dark Avatar
      • Defeated again by Avatar before beginning new era of darkness
  • See also: Avatar Spirit, Dark Avatar Spirit, Harmonic Convergence, Raava, Tree of Time

Wan Shi Tong

  • Takes form of giant black-and-white barn owl
  • Extremely knowledgeable spirit
    • “He who knows ten thousand things”
    • With help of knowledge seekers, collects knowledge from around the world
  • Brought library from Spirit World to physical world
    • Generally suspicious of human visitors, ever since Admiral Zhao used his knowledge for warring purposes
    • Price of admission: new piece of knowledge
  • Sank library back into Spirit World after Aang, Katara, Sokka learned about Day of Black Sun
    • Neutral spirit unwilling to aid any side of human conflict
    • Made exception for Unalaq
      • Believed him to be true human ally of spirits


  • Spirit of Princess Yue, after she sacrificed herself to become new Moon Spirit
    • As baby, was gifted life force by Tui
    • Resurrected Tui after Admiral Zhao killed it
  • As Moon Spirit, world’s most powerful waterbender
  • Can appear + speak to spirits of living people in Spirit World
  • See also: Tui


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