The Shalts and Shalt-Nots of Anti-Racist HCI

A playful way to restate our guiding principles.

Thou shalt use “glitches” as beacons for systemic issues, work proactively to identify them before they occur, and work quickly to address them
Thou shalt recognize and counteract racist technologies and policies
Thou shalt analyze, redistribute, and decentralize power structures
Thou shalt not implement surface level solutions for deep rooted issues
Thou shalt consider whether your solution may in fact be racist or usable for racist purposes
Thou shalt question false universals (the “flesh colored band-aid” issue)
Thou shalt embrace the fact that anti-racist technologies may not thrive in racist worlds
But (as a user) thou shalt financially support the anti-racist technologies to help them compete in racist markets, to normalize/increase exposure, or to organize “grassroots fundraising”

And the “Shalt-Nots”

Thou shalt not give data access to external companies or trust in “equitable” labels
Thou shalt not assume that technologies offer the best/only fixes.
Thou shalt recognize your power as a tech creator to ensure that the users of their technology use the technology in as equitable a way as possible
Thou shalt not capitalize on and reinforce social differences and stereotypes
Thou shalt not shape data to support a conclusion you began with. Assume that numbers are not everything!
Thou shalt not equate technological inventions or fiscal returns with social progress
Thou shalt adopt technologies and designs that promote personal and group joy, empowerment, and inclusion
Thou shalt convert hesitancy into a principle that grounds and guides action.