58 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2017

March 9, 2017 (Thursday, Week 5)


  • Updates on shop progress
  • Readings


Two MAE seniors will join us in the lab for additional assistance.

Instead of asking what to do next, ask ‘How about I do this next?  Take ownership.  Don’t be afraid to make things worse! Nothing is irreconcilable. Also, find problems early before we are ready to put the cycle back together.

  • Bottom End: looked at Kinex model, added neutral gear; Sanded and polished engine cover
  • Clutch: Cleaned; Catalogued bins; Began forming oil lines; Need to learn about dry sump concept
  • Electrical: Made a circuit to look at sparks; Worked on lighting switch
  • FastenersFinished the carb; put it on the blue motorcycle; Leaked gas so began fixing – to continue next class
  • Forks: Work continues; Categorized parts
  • Frame: Primed struts, dried them, may need to be sanded because paint dripped; Plugged holes for powder coater; Will look into having all the parts needed for the tank.
  • Top End: Bored barrel with Gleen on lathe; Honed the barrel (a really fine sanding to eliminate any roughness in the barrel)
  • Wheels: Continued cleaning with chrome polish; Began cleaning spokes – very dirty, so ordered new spokes


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Chapter 12

  • No motorcycle references
  • Today there are more specialists than generalists in career fields
  • DeWeese is a romantic, but although he doesn’t understand science and technology, he appreciates it
  • Aesthetic pleasure of well done cabins – connects the classical to the romantic
  • Journey to Korea vs India – in Korea, finds enlightenment without looking for it; in India, finds nothing while pursuing it

Shop Class as Soulcraft, pages 72-92

  •  Motorcycle References:
    • Intake manifold must be match-ported to be smooth for best flow and minimal turbulence
    • Transaxle – combo of tranmission, differential, and axle
    • Nitrided crank journals – pin in the flywheel – to limit wear, can be nitrided which makes them very hard, thus strong, and shiny
    • Greasing ball bearings – smushes Vaseline-like grease into the bearings
  • Content:
    • In education, is streamlining a loss or a gain?
    • Some kids may be forced to take the likes of shop class without wanting to, but others may miss it when it is not required.
    • Shop class vs. math class = infinite options vs. one or two right answers
    • Even shop class doesn’t allow much creativity – must make the product the teacher assigns
    • Basic skills are important.
    • Standardized tests require fitting in and matching yourself to them.  Finding a career is the reverse. Find a career that matches you best, rather than trying to match yourself to a career.