Student-Generated Maps

The simple interface in Google Maps can create custom maps with many points, lines, descriptions, images, and polygons.

Students can use the “My Maps” feature in their Google accounts to create custom maps for a page or post.

These maps allow for multiple points on a single map (unlike the plugin, which allows one map, with one point, per post.

These maps do not allow a combined map showing all points in the entire site. For that, you need to use the WPGeo plugin.

To make a map in Google, pick “Maps” from the apps list.

Select “My Maps” from the menu.

Use the tools to mark points, draw lines and polygons, and add information to the points. It is also possible to upload a spreadsheet with data for the map by using the “import data” option. This is an easy way to place multiple points on the map at one time.


When finished with your custom map, use the “Share or embed map” to get the embed code for your page or post.