World Soil Resources, 1993


World Soil Resources, 1993


This multilingual map uses color-coding to show soil resources as follows:

  • Fluvisols, Gleysols, Cambisols
  • Gleysols, Histosols, Fluvisols
  • Regosols, Cambisols
  • Leptosols
  • Arenosols
  • Andosols
  • Vertisols
  • Cambisols
  • Calcisols, Cambisols, Luvisols
  • Gypsisols, Calcisols
  • Solonchaks, Solonetz
  • Kastanozems, Solonetz
  • Chernozems, Phaeozems, Greyzems
  • Luvisols, Cambisols
  • Planosols
  • Podzoluvisols, Luvisols
  • Podzols, Histosols
  • Lixisols
  • Acrisols, Alisols, Plinthosols
  • Nitisols, Andosols
  • Ferralsols, Acrisols, Nitisols
  • Plinthosols
  • Histosols, Gleysols
  • Shifting Sands

For terminology, see wikipedia:Soil
and wikipedia:World Reference Base for Soil Resources.


Produced by FAO, 1993. Compiled and Published by FAO.

“Reduced and simplified from the FAO-UNESCO Soil Map of the World (FAO, 1971-1981) using the Revised Legend (FAO, 1988) with amendments based on additional information.”

This map is in the collection of copyrighted maps of the Geosciences and Map Library, Fine Hall (B level), Princeton University.

Call number: G3201.J3.1993.F6


© FAO, 1993