Trafficking Waste Stories, 2006


Trafficking Waste Stories, 2006


This map shows illegal waste trafficking around the world, indicating waste producers, regions/states where illegal waste dumping has been proved, zones that suffer major conflicts, regions where small arms traffic has developed, and waste shipment routes.

Legend indicates:

  • OECD countries (main hazardous waste producers)
  • States or regions where illegal waste dumping has been proven (not comprehensive)
  • Major current conflict zones
  • Regions where small arms (related) traffic is particularly developed
  • Major illegal waste shipment routes from Europe (as reported by IMPEL)


United Nations Environment Programme / GRID-Arendal [1].

Cartographer/Designer: Emmanuelle Bournay.

Primary sources:

Iman Shebaro, Hazardous Waste Smuggling: A Study in Environmental Crime, TRACC website;
IMPEL-TFS Threat assessment project: The illegal shipment of waste among IMPEL member states, 2006;
Legambiente; The Guardian, 14 October 2004; Human Rights Watch 1999 Report, Human Rights, Justice and Toxic Waste in Cambodia;
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 2006; and Small Arms Survey 2005.


© 2006 UNEP / GRID-Arendal


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