Traditional Hazards, New Risks, c. 2002


Environmental Health Risks


World map shows traditional and new environmental hazards (sized according to significance of risk), to which especially children are exposed in 2002.

Legend indicates symbols for:

  • Lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Indoor air pollution from solid fuel use
  • Urban outdoor air pollution
  • Lead and other hazardous chemicals
  • Malaria and other vector-borne diseases
  • Child injuries (such as road accidents)

“This simplified overview illustrates how certain environmental risks differ in magnitude between WHO sub-regions. It does not account for the often large variation between countries within a given region, nor is it a comprehensive summary of all environmental risksto children’s health.”

A more detailed version of this map:


Inheriting the World: The Atlas of Children’s Health and the Environment, Part One: Child health and poverty. By Bruce Gordon, Richard Mackay and Eva Rehfuess, World Health Organization, 2004.
ISBN 92 4 159156 0.


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