The Mongol Conquests 1207-79


The Mongol Conquests 1207-79


This map shows the various stages of Mongol control in Europe and Asia from 1207 to 1279, with references to the boundaries of other empires.
Military campaigns led by Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan) and others are labeled with dates.

Caption: Mongol Campaigns in Eastern Europe

This map shows military action from 1206 to 1405 and various battle sites in eastern Europe.
The Mongol advance into Europe did not last long.
Some speculate it was because of the death of Great Khan Ogodei, while others speculate that the pastureland was not good enough to stay.


Oxford Atlas of World History, Oxford University Press, 1999. General Editor Patrick K. O’Brien. (p. 98)


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This map is one in a series of maps selected from the Oxford Atlas of World History.

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