The Internet Explosion, 2003


The Internet Explosion: Internet Hosts, Internet Users, and Interregional Internet Bandwidth Routes


In this world map countries are colored according to the number of internet users per 1,000 people as follows:

  • Green: More than 200
  • Olive: 151-200
  • Corn: 101-150
  • Khaki: 10-100
  • Beige: Less than 10

This map also indicates countries/continents where internet hosts per 1,000 people are concentrated, distinguishing two points in time in order to highlight their growth: 1995 (Royal Blue), 2002 (Dodger Blue).

Finally, interregional internet bandwidth routes are shown for 2003 as follows:

  • 100 gigabits per second
  • 50 gigabits per second
  • 10 gigabits per second
  • 5 gigabits per second


National Geographic Atlas of the World, Eigth Edition. Published by the National Geographic Society. Prepared by National Geographic Maps for The Book Division, 2005.


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