The Fuelwood Situation in Developing Countries, 1981


The Fuelwood Situation in Developing Countries


This multilingual map of developing countries uses colors to classify
regions according to the fuelwood
situation in relation to present (1981) and foreseeable needs.
Regional population densities are also indicated.

Legend (in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic):

  • Satisfactory situation: resources considerably exceed present and foreseeable needs.
  • Satisfactory situation: but decreasing resources could become inadequate, at least locally, in relation to requirements in the foreseeable future.
  • Areas of prospective deficit: present fuelwood resources higher than requirements but evolving toward a crisis situation in 2000.
  • Areas in a deficit situation: present fuelwood resources are below requirements, obliging the population to overexploit.
  • Acute scarcity: fuelwood resources have been so reduced that the population is no longer able to ensure a minimum supply.
  • Desert and sub-desert areas in a scarcity situation with very few resources and low population.


Produced by FAO. First Edition Cartographic Design: H. Engeler.
Printed in Firenze, Italy, 1981.

This map is in the collection of copyrighted maps of the Geosciences and Map Library, Fine Hall (B level), Princeton University.

Call number: G3201.K6.1981.F6


© FAO, 1981