Renewed foreign power rivalry, 2000


Renewed foreign power rivalry, 2000


This series of maps shows foreign influence and rivalry in Africa over a period of 115 years, from 1880 to 1995. The largest map in the center displays French influence over territory and culture in Africa, as well as defense/military agreements, UN/French military intervention areas, and naval bases. To the left are timelines of maps illustrating Africa’s progress towards independence from 1950 to 1995. The three top maps show the European colonization of Africa from 1880 to 1937.


  • Countries of the “Renaissance”: Old French and British colonies where the economic and political influence of the US is getting stronger.
  • Frequent stops or naval maneuvers
  • Principal French military intervention since 1990.
  • Effection and semi-permanent station bases

Lefthand Timeline

  • The West Sahara is a territory which has needed a referendum since 1991.


Le Monde Diplomatique [1]

Cartographer: Philippe Rekacewicz


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