Regional Trade Agreements, 2005


Regional Trade Agreements


This color-coded map of the world shows existing regional trade agreements in 2005.

Legend indicates:

  • Yellow: APEC – Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
  • Moss Green: APEC & NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
  • Olive Drab: ASEAN – Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  • Tea Green: ASEAN & APEC
  • Cardinal: CEFTA – Central European Free Trade Agreement
  • Orange: ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States
  • Royal Blue: EU – European Union
  • Periwinkle: EU & CEFTA
  • Wisteria: MERCOSUR – Southern Common Market
  • Bondi Blue: SACU – Southern African Customs Union
  • Pink: SAPTA – South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement

An explanation of the importance of, and basic differences between, contemporary trade agreements is also provided.


National Geographic Atlas of the World, Eigth Edition. Published by the National Geographic Society. Prepared by National Geographic Maps for The Book Division, 2005.


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