Map of Agriculture and Population in Asia (without USSR), 1959


Karten zur Landwirtschaft und Bevoelkerung Asiens (ohne UdSSR)


Map of Asia and the Middle East shows agricultural production until 1959, for local consumption, exports, and imports. The latter are measured in the production of wheat, rice, tea, sugar, rubber, oil crops, wool and cotton, and other products. Annex to Geographische Rundschau 1963 Heft 10; edited by H. Boesch und A. Staedeli; printed by Georg Wastermann Verlag, Braunschweig.

Georg Westermann Verlag, Braunschweig


This map is Map Number 5965 in the collection of copyrighted maps of the Geosciences and Map Library, Fine Hall (B level), Princeton University..


None asserted; apparently published in 1963.