Major Waste Exporters Major Waste Receivers in 2003


Major Waste Exporters and Waste Receivers in 2003


These two maps show the countries who are major exporters and receivers of waste in 2003. Only the countries who send or receive more than fifty tonnes of waste are displayed on the map.

Countries who report to the Basel Convention are colored in gray.

Major waste exporters are declared as “countries of origin” in the reporting of imports by other Parties to the Basel Convention.

Major waste importers are declared as “countries of destination” in the reporting of exports by other Parties to the Basel Convention.


United Nations Environment Programme / GRID-Arendal [1]

Cartographer/Designer: Emmanuelle Bournay

Primary Source:

Basel Convention, 2006 (data for 2003)


© 2006 UNEP / GRID-Arendal


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