L’Interventionnisme Américain de L’Après-Guerre Froide


L’Interventionnisme Américain de L’Après-Guerre Froide
(American Intervention After the Cold War)


Color-coded map shows U.S. interventions in the world from 1989 to 1997, including troop dispatches, preventive military deployment, and the suspension of economic aid.

The map identifies the supporting partners of the U.S. in its international operations, such as N.A.T.O. It also indicates the nature of the American interventions, such as mediations towards peace negotiations, legislation regulating international commerce, pressures exerted on countries involved in drug trafficking, and negotiations towards disarming.

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Atlas des États-Unis – Les paradoxes de la puissance. By Philippe Lemarchand, ed Atlande et complexes, Bruxelles, 1997. (p. 91)


© 1997 Philippe Lemarchand