Linguistic Regions of the Islamic World circa 900-1500


Islam in China, 9th-20th Centuries


This map illustrates the variety of linguistic regions that prevailed during the extension of the Muslim World.

As it rose in the Center of the World, the Muslim world rapidly built economic, linguistic, and cultural connections with parts of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Legend indicates:

  • Islamic influence
  • Semitic
  • Indo-European
  • Ural-Altaic (Turkic)
  • Dravidian
  • Hamitic
  • Malay
  • Sinitic
  • Bantu-Sudanese
  • Caucasian


An Historical Atlas of Islam – Atlas Historique de l’Islam, Second Edition. Edited by Hugh Kennedy, Tuta sub Aegide Pallas 1683,
Brill, Leiden-Boston-Koeln, 2002, page 4.

Cartography by Marc Bel, Peter van der Donck.


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