Inter-Region Agricultural Trade, 2005


Inter and Intra Region Agricultural Trade


This map shows the major flows of agricultural trade in the world, indicating origin, destination and value of exports by country. Agricultural trade values within regions are also provided. All statistical information is indicated in billions of U.S. dollars.

Legend for intra region agricultural trade indicates:

  • Africa (carmine pink): 9.2
  • Asia/Australia/Oceania (pale brown): 64.6
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (saffron): 9.2
  • Latin America (carrot orange): 10.5
  • Middle East (olive): 4.3
  • North America (asparagus): 34
  • Western Europe (slate gray): 189.3


National Geographic Atlas of the World, Eigth Edition. Published by the National Geographic Society. Prepared by National Geographic Maps for The Book Division, 2005.


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