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Distribution of Economic Freedom [based primarily on 2006 data]


The Heritage Foundation’s
2007 Index of Economic Freedom
measures and ranks 161
countries using an index calculated as the simple average of 10 indices in the following areas:

  • regulation (business freedom)
  • trade (trade freedom)
  • fiscal (fiscal freedom)
  • government (freedom from government)
  • monetary (monetary freedom)
  • investment (investment freedom)
  • financial (financial freedom)
  • property rights
  • corruption (freedom from corruption)
  • labor (labor freedom)

The “Fiscal Freedom Score” is based on:

  • Income tax rate
  • Corporate tax rate
  • Total tax revenue

Methodology: Measuring the 10 Economic Freedoms

The “raw data” was also available for download from Here is the copy of the download page:

Note: The 2007 methodology differs from that used previously. Labor
freedom has also been added as a variable.


Timothy Kane, Kim R. Holmes, Mary Anastasia O’Grady.
2007 Index of Economic Freedom: The Link Between Economic Opportunity and Prosperity.
Heritage Foundation.
13th edition, Jan 16, 2007.

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