France and US’ eyes on Africa, 2000


France and US’ eyes on Africa


This map of Africa shows the location of mineral resources (diamonds, cobalt, copper, chrome, tin, iron, magnesium, nickel, gold, platinum, lead and zinc, and bauxite) and energy resources (oil and natural gas, uranium, and coal), unstable zones (war, political instability, active areas of Salafism), routes for exporting resources (oil pipelines, open and closed railways) and zones with concentrations of foreign investment (mainly oil and minerals).

An inset map shows trade routes and connections (such as ports and sea routes for oil and minerals) between Africa and the US and areas of Europe and the Middle East. French and American flags serve as markers for military bases. Also illustrated on the map are places of armed attacks and possible al-Qaeda warnings.

The two maps together show US and French interest in Africa in the post-colonial era.


Le Monde Diplomatique [1]

Cartographer: Philippe Rekacewicz


© Le Monde Diplomatique