Extent of the First Bulgarian Empire


Extent of the First Bulgarian Empire


This map purports to show the greatest territorial extent reached
by the first Bulgarian Empire during the reign of Tsar Simeon I (893-927).

The degree to which most of the territory in Transylvania was under Bulgarian control is disputed.


The version shown here is available

This map was uploaded to Wikipedia on December 28, 2005 but was subsequently modified to reflect
the dispute about Bulgarian control over Transylvania.

The current Wikipedia page is here. This description page indicates that the map is based on the following sources:

  1. Bulgarian Military Atlas, Military Publishers, Sofia, 1979, pp. 152-153:
    • Territorial expansion of Bulgaria during the IX Century (814-893 AD)
    • The Wars of King Simeon (893-927 AD)
  2. History of Bulgaria Vol. 2: First Bulgarian State, BAS Publishers, Sofia, 1981, pp. 292-293
    • Bulgaria at the end of IX Century and the beginning of X Century.


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