European Terrestrial Networks Map, 2002


European Terrestrial Networks Map 2002


World map shows intercity terrestrial bandwidth in Europe.

Legend indicates:

  • Intercity Terrestrial bandwidth (in Gbps of lit, available bandwidth on international networks):
    • 0.5
    • 1.75
    • 3.0
    • 4.75
    • 6.5
Bandwidth on Terrestrial Links only
Bandwidth on Integrated Submarine and Terrestrial Links
  • Top 60 Cities ranked by Lit Bandwidth
    • Red Dot: top 60 city ranked by Lit, available bandwidth
    • Red Star: capital, top 60 city ranked by Lit, available bandwidth
    • Blue dot: other major city
    • Blue Star: capital
      • city name and top 60 city ranked by lit available bandwidth

At the bottom the following data is included:

  • Statistics and explanations on:
    • European E-1 Annual Lease prices, 1999-2002 (USD) for London-Madrid, London-Milan, Brussels-London, Frankfurt-London, Amsterdam-Londom, and London-Paris
    • International Internet Circuits and Bandwidth within Europe, 2001
    • MAN Presence by City, 2001
    • Value of Announced Bandwidth Sales Contracts by Buyer Type, 2000-2001
    • Total Network Route kilometers, 2001
    • International Circuit Usage by City, 2001 (Gbps): Internet, voice, and other.

Finally, country panels are included (Austria, Norway, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, Romania, Finland, Russia, France, Slovak Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain) with information on:

  • Population
  • GDP (billion US Dollars)
  • Main lines (thousand)
  • Outgoing voice (billion minutes)
  • International Internet Bandwidth (Gbps).


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Designed by Jennifer Bruce, Markus Krisetya, and Timothy J. Stronge.

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Miller Projection.

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