Distribution of Wealth, 1995


Distribution of Wealth 1995


This map shows countries color-keyed according to their GNP per capita as a percentage of the world’s average. Countries with the highest and lowest GNP per capita are also indicated. The differences between GNP levels are attributed to unequal growth, which explains the increasing disparities of wealth between poor and rich countries.

Legend indicates:

  • A country’s GNP per capita as percentage of world average ($5714) 1995:
    • over 400%
    • 200-400%
    • 100-200%
    • 50-100%
    • 25-50%
    • 10-25%
    • under 10%
  • Country with GNP per capita among highest
  • Country with GNP per capita among lowest

An explanation about global unequal distribution is provided, together with two bar charts on income disparities.


Oxford Atlas of World History, Oxford University Press, 2002. General Editor Patrick K. O’Brien.

Chapter 5. The Twentieth Century: “Standards of Living since 1945,” page 278.


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