Cold War Conflicts and inset showing The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962


Cold War Conflicts and inset showing The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962


In the main map countries are color-keyed according to their involvement in Cold War conflicts.

Legend indicates:

  • Countries in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (1949-)
  • Countries in Warsaw Pact (1955-91)
  • Non-aligned communist states 1987
  • Country with nuclear capability by 1987
  • Cruise and Pershing II missiles deployed in 1980s
  • SS20 missiles deployed in 1980s
  • Direct military action by USSR and/or allies
  • Direct military action by USA and/or allies
  • Economic and political intervention by USA and/or allies
  • Iron Curtain

The inset map illustrates the conflict arising from the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

Legend indicates:

  • US-backed invasion force April 1961
  • Soviet ships
  • US naval blockade
  • US naval base
  • Soviet missile base
  • US military build-up

Brief explanations of these events are also provided.
The map additionally includes a chronology of Cold War world conflicts in which the US, the Soviet Union and their respective allies where involved.


Oxford Atlas of World History, Oxford University Press, 2002. General Editor Patrick K. O’Brien.

Chapter 5. The Twentieth Century: “The Cold War 1947-91,” page 245.


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