Black Sea Water Indicators, 1988 to 2000


Black Sea Water Indicators, 1988 to 2000


This set of four maps shows four water resource indicators for the Black Sea region: annual renewable water resources, annual withdrawal (or water use), sectoral withdrawal share (industry, households, and agriculture), and emission of organic water pollutants (kg per day per worker).

An inset chart shows sectoral withrdrawal shares for Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, and Belarus.


United Nations Environment Programme / GRID-Arendal[1]

Cartographer/Designer: Philippe Rekacewicz, UNEP/GRID-Arendal

Primary Source:

  • World Resources Institute (WRI) Washington DC.


© 2006 UNEP / GRID-Arendal


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