Autonomous States and Colonies 1792-1860


Autonomous States and Colonies in Southeast Asia 1792-1860


In this map Southeast Asian countries are color-keyed according to the existing political divisions during the era of European imperialism.

Legend indicates:

  • Spanish possessions
  • Portuguese possessions
  • Dutch possessions in 17th century
  • Dutch acquisitions to 1860
  • British possessions and acquisitions to 1860
  • Date of acquisition or period of possession
  • Chakri Siam and its area of influence:
    • Lao-speaking area
    • Khmer-speaking area
    • Malay Muslim area
    • Malay states under Siamese suzerainty
    • Shan area
  • Nguyen Vietnam and its area of influence:
    • post-1802 Nguyen Vietnam
    • Lao-speaking area
  • Other areas:
    • predominantly Muslim area of Spanish Philippines
    • area of Sulu suzerainty
    • area of Brunei influence to 1846
    • area of Brooke rule from 1846


Oxford Atlas of World History, Oxford University Press, 2002. General Editor Patrick K. O’Brien.

Chapter 4. The Age of Revolutions: “Southeast Asia in the Age of Imperialism,” page 196.


Map copyright © Philip’s, a division of Octopus Publishing Ltd. Source: Philip’s Atlas of World History.

Used under license from Octopus Publishing Group.


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