Link to Slides: Assignment 1


Slide 1: Democrats have dominated this districts, as they dominate most of Maryland. After long term incumbent, Donna Edwards decided to run for the senate, Anthony Brown took over as District 4 Representative. The district is made up of interesting constituents due to Gerrymandering. A smaller section is made up of more white conservative residents, while a majority of the area is urban and mostly has a democratic racial minority population. There had been a few libertarian candidates and one green party candidate in recent years, however none of them have had an impact. The democratic dominance in this district goes far beyond the past 10 years.


Slide 2: Research shows that the party is the highest determinant as to how the representative will respond to immigration policy. Also, even though the district is heavily minority (over 50% African American), this does not likely have an effect on how the representative will vote on immigration policy. And an African-American representative is less likely to support interior enforcement of restrictionist policies. Finally, smaller counties will be less likely to conform to enforcing federal government immigration policies.


Slide 3: With a small number of immigrants and Hispanic population and a non-white representative, immigration is not likely to be a very important topic to this representative. However, because he is a democrat he will vote against restrictionist policies. Finally, it is a small district so hewill be less likely to conform to enforcing federal government immigration policies


Slide 4: Most signs point to this representative not caring much about immigration. However, he has some tweets about Trump and his wall efforts being fake and a joke. He is stating it is not a national emergency. However, in these tweets he does mention border security a lot. This is likely because he is former military and pro-defense.