Adding Footnotes

Cite references and sources in your page or post.

square brackets with tecxt for foothote

Square brackets followed by something that WordPress recognizes as an instruction is a common way to add a feature to a page. To make a footnote, type a number and the footnote text, all surrounded by square brackets, as in the image above. Try to keep the numbers sequential as you type, but if you skip a number or move a footnote, it doesn’t matter. The plugin will renumber them in the order they appear. Cutting and pasting from a word processor using what looks like this code sometimes does not result in a footnote. Simply type over the footnote code in the WordPress editor to correct. The error usually lies in the blank space between the period and the first letter of your citation.

If you insert page breaks into your page or post, the footnotes will appear at the bottom of any page section containing a citation. There is no endnote option in WordPress