Exhibits in Omkea take advantage of items already uploaded to a collection  or into the Omeka database. (You must upload the items for an exhibit using the “add item” option — once the files are uploaded, you can use them in an exhibit.) Exibits allow you to rearrange items into a collection, and create a context for them with text and other items that create a virtual exhibition.

The “Exhibits” tab in the Omeka Admin panel will show existing exibits and allow you to create a new exhibit:


Once you decide to create an exhibit, you have the opportunity to name it, create metadata to describe it, and to select a theme that designs your exhibit page.


Some themes, such as “Seasons” have sub-themes; most themes allow you to add a header image and change minor points of color and style.

Below are the 15 available themes with identical content. Click on a theme image to enlarge it.

Themes – click on images to enlarge

Theme Astrolabe


Theme Avantgarde


Exhibit Berlin


Theme Big Stuff

Big Stuff

Theme Emiglio


Theme Minimalist



Theme Omeka Foundation

Omeka Foundation

Princeton (Current Public Theme)

Seasons - Autumn

Seasons – Autumn

Seasons – Night

Seasons – Spring

Seasons – Summer

Seasons – Winter

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