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Listening to Colonial Latin America

This course begins with the origins and consolidation of the Aztec, Inca and Iberian polities and ends with the severance of colonial ties. It combines an overview of the political economy of the region over three centuries with a study of how social groups interacted among themselves and with imperial rule over time through accommodation [...]

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The Founders and Their World

This seminar offers students the opportunity to dig into readings treating American history during the early national period, roughly 1783-1820, when the ideals of the Revolution met the realities of statecraft, when the social institutions of British America were strained through a new national idiom, and when many important issues that would prove vital to [...]

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History Beyond the Written Word: Unconventional Historical Sources and The Historian’s Craft

In History Beyond the Written Word: Unconventional Historical Sources and The Historian's Craft. History 278 (Spring 2015), students conducted oral history interviews and collected other materials, researching history using  unconventional sources.

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HIS278: Digital, Spatial, Visual and Oral Histories

Students in the Spring 2016, HIS278, Digital, Spatial, Visual and Oral Histories course produced digital narratives using ESRI's online StoryMaps application. Based on recorded interviews conducted by the Historical Society of Princeton, images from the Society's archives, census records, and digital maps held in Princeton University's Maps and Geospatial Information Center, these multimedia narratives tell stories [...]

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