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Contemporary Experimental Fiction and Visual Culture

Students in this course study contemporary writers and artists at the intersection of the fine art exhibition, the artist’s book, and graphic narrative who seek to overturn the traditions, formal devices, and audience expectations of literary fiction. Students conducted creative experiments on the class blog to sharpen our critical facilities and make ourselves attuned to [...]

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other futures: a virtual exhibition space

This creative-collaborative assignment is meant to give students an opportunity to engage critically with visual art and explore the ways it has been put to use to both re-frame and re-conceptualize the Caribbean’s catastrophic history. By coming together around the work of one of the Caribbean artists recently featured in the Small Axe Visual Life [...]

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FRS 177: The World of Noir

In the 1940s, pulp magazines and B-films created a new genre, eventually called Noir. On page and screen, hundreds of these crime stories—stark, vivid, and ambiguous—shaped the imagination and self-concept of a world beset by depression and fear. As societies shifted from hot to cold war and grappled with civil rights and urban decay, Noir depicted a [...]

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ABCBooks: ENG385, Children’s Literature

The ABC Books project makes available for research and analysis an interactive digital archive of rare children’s alphabet books. The overarching goal of the project is for students not only to interact with the archive but also actively to build and enhance it. With the assistance of staff from the Center for Digital Humanities and [...]

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Mapping NYC Modernism: Literature and Art History

One-term project for visiting (Department of English) Professor David Ball, '07, Dickinson College. Features student-created maps and entries to create an overview of New York modernism between 1890 and 1940.

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Surrealism: Sex, Dreams, and Revolution

This site was created for a course cross-listed between the Departments of Art and Archeology and French. The students in this course studied the Surrealist movement, and created their own projects, according to Surrealist believes. the projects included an exhibition, a word cloud, a review and remix of several Surrealist classic films, and essays on [...]

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Princeton Buffer

This site is a student-created review of film, television, and popular culture. In the words of its creators: The Princeton Buffer provides reviews and conversations to advise you on what you should be watching, what’s up with what you’re already watching, or what you should stop watching this instant. We are a group of student [...]

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