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Korean Travel Narratives, 1100s – 1930s

Knowledge about the world transformed over history: civilization, empire, East-West encounter, and postcolonial homelessness are frames that link identity and space. Reading travelogues by Koreans and about Korea, this course attempts to analyze the epistemic coordinates of travelogue that produces knowledge about self and other and to note the changing historical contexts around Korea, which [...]

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Introduction to Asian-American Studies: Race, War, Decolonization

This course offers an introduction to Asian American studies centered on the issues of "race," "privilege," and "power" from the premise that multiple racial projects—including Orientalism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, and settler colonialism—contribute to Asian racial formation, and that warfare plays a central role in these projects. With a focus on militarism in the US, Asia, [...]

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EAS233: East Asian Humanities

The East Asian Studies department's East Asian Humanities course expands upon a model developed four years ago. In collaboration with staff from the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, faculty members in the department continue to develop an online space that not only presents course materials but also allows students augment course readings with multimedia [...]

People, Nature, and the Environment

A six-week summer program at the University of Tokyo (UT) is designed specifically for rising juniors and seniors who are preparing to begin their research for their junior papers and senior theses. The program includes: weekly seminars with UT students by guest lecturers on topics and methods related to the theme of “Nature and the [...]

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This website introduces four document collections in interactive formats for teaching and study. The first, Not So Secret Secrets, explores the elaborate safeguards for ensuring that Uesugi Kenshin could know that a gunpowder recipe that he received was in fact from the shogun. These documents also reveal the rapidity of transmission of Portuguese knowledge, and [...]

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WAR, MEMORY, AND IDENTITY documents a six-week summer program, in partnership with the University of Tokyo, and particularly the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia. With resources and scholars covering the region, and often focusing on different perspectives and questions than those that animate American discussions, the University of Tokyo provides a superb environment for [...]

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