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Architecture, Globalization and the Environment

Art 250, Architecture, Globalization, and the Environment, analyzes contemporary architecture and its relation to climate change, urbanism, and consequent social problems. Special attention is paid to the erosion of public space, whether due to gentrification, gated communities, outright segregation, or to the devastating impact of war in urban zones in many parts of the world.

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AAS 341 ART 375: Enter the New Negro: Black Atlantic

Born in the late 1800s, the New Negro movement demanded political equality, desegregation, and an end to lynching, while also launching new forms of international Black cultural expression. The visionary modernity of its artists not only reimagined the history of the black diaspora by developing new artistic languages through travel, music, religion and poetry, but [...]

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Mapping NYC Modernism: Literature and Art History

One-term project for visiting (Department of English) Professor David Ball, '07, Dickinson College. Features student-created maps and entries to create an overview of New York modernism between 1890 and 1940.

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Surrealism: Sex, Dreams, and Revolution

This site was created for a course cross-listed between the Departments of Art and Archeology and French. The students in this course studied the Surrealist movement, and created their own projects, according to Surrealist believes. the projects included an exhibition, a word cloud, a review and remix of several Surrealist classic films, and essays on [...]

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Venice and the Mediterranean: Crete

This project developed out of ART330/HLS331: Venice and the Mediterranean in the Spring of 2007. The course explored the artistic and cultural geography of Venice's Mediterranean empire, known as the stato da mar, from its beginnings in 1204 to the loss of Crete in 1669. During a 9-day trip to Crete, sponsored by the Program [...]

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Mapping the Golden Age of Venice

This interactive map encapsulates work done by the students of Art 440, Venice in its Golden Age, Fall 2007. The aim of this interdisciplinary seminar was to explore the art and architecture of Renaissance Venice in the context of its rich cultural heritage and unique political and social system.

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