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Fictions of Black Urban Life

Students in this course explore the transformation of urban life in the 20th and 21st centuries through an exploration of selected works by African American and African diasporic writers, artists, and intellectuals. Students discuss sociological studies, novels, poems, music, and experimental works that interrogate fictions such as urban development, revitalization, and even gentrification.

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OtherFutures 2018, An introduction to modern Caribbean literature

This course introduces students to major theories and debates within the study of Caribbean literature and culture with a particular focus on the idea of catastrophe. Reading novels and poetry that address the historical loss and injustices that have given shape to the modern Caribbean, students explore questions of race, gender, and sexuality and pay [...]

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Sonic Fugitives

Students explore the historically denied the right to literacy, African-Americans have used sound as a mode of protest and expression of freedom, subjectivity, and citizenship. In this course, we will explore the rich interplay of sound and literature in African-American letters, how writers have used sound to make political claims about race, gender, class, region, [...]

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other futures: a virtual exhibition space

This creative-collaborative assignment is meant to give students an opportunity to engage critically with visual art and explore the ways it has been put to use to both re-frame and re-conceptualize the Caribbean’s catastrophic history. By coming together around the work of one of the Caribbean artists recently featured in the Small Axe Visual Life [...]

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AMS 379 GSS 349: Race and Living Laboratories

This course traces the intersecting discourses of race, nation, and disease throughout US history, examining various "living laboratories" or sites of state-sanctioned medical experimentation on populations such as Asian American, African American and Latinx, deemed to harbor disease.

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AAS 341 ART 375: Enter the New Negro: Black Atlantic

Born in the late 1800s, the New Negro movement demanded political equality, desegregation, and an end to lynching, while also launching new forms of international Black cultural expression. The visionary modernity of its artists not only reimagined the history of the black diaspora by developing new artistic languages through travel, music, religion and poetry, but [...]

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