de-accession, v.
Pronunciation: /diːakˈsɛʃən/
Etymology: <de- prefix 21 + accession v.
Transitive. To remove an entry for (an exhibit, book) from the accessions register of a museum, library, etc., usually in order to sell the item concerned. Also absol.

DEACCESSION is a multimedia, collaborative project to explore the uncatalogued books in and around Princeton University—the decorative, the discarded, the suppressed, the forgotten—as they make an underground map of the university’s disciplines and the spaces between and beyond them. It has two parts:

A crowd-sourced CENSUS of abandoned books on (or connected to) campus. The help of anyone and everyone in the Princeton and wider communities is earnestly sought and warmly welcomed. To contribute, click here.

An EXHIBITION of artifacts and interventions which will be on view in the Hagan Gallery at 185 Nassau Street from January 17 to 21.

DEACCESSION is hosted by the members of the IHUM core seminar “Interdisciplinarity and Antidisciplinarity” (HUM 583).