Contagion Posts

Today, we will be discussing a disease that has been sweeping the entire world in the past week. and popular discussion have been simply referring to it as “the second great plague.”

Simply put, those who develop Siti go… a little crazy. The brain, for the most part, shuts down in response to severe, crippling dehydration. What’s left has only one goal: to get water.

A month ago, I realized that I had contracted H9N9. Rather than wait for death, I spent countless days and nights trying all sorts of ingredients and combinations. Finally, I found it. It was a miracle. And today, I’m ready to reveal my secret.

FLW1, or Flaw 1, virus leads to alterations in one’s appearance, whether that be an isolated limb or one’s entire body, it does not alter one’s original genome… As of right now there is no cure….

Over the course of the past few months, a number of diseases ran through the world, cutting the population nearly in half. An investigation into these diseases revealed that they were all mutations of a single virus.