Since I am a big fan of music from the 1970s, I decided to see what the top music albums of the year 1970 were. I found a ranking on a website with The Beatles’ Let It Be (their final album) listed in the top five. After listening to the album again, I noticed that it is a lot less focused on love than some of their earlier work, such as their first album Please Please Me in which practically every song is about love. I thought this was interesting because Company, which came out in the same year as Let It Be, had such a strong focus on marriage and love. The characters in the musical seemed obsessed with love and the need to be married. However, music, in this case The Beatles, seemed to move away from this obsession. While Let It Be is not considered one of The Beatles’ best albums, it still topped the charts, showing that the public went along with moving away from the fixation on love.

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  1. To compare, I looked at the top albums of 2018, the year when the Company revival opened. Sitting at the top of the list was Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy, an album wholly uninterested in marriage and traditional values of relationships — instead glorifying material goods, emphasis on the self, social climbing, and wealth. These are all things the characters of Company do not fret about to the same extent as they fret about marriage; in fact, in Company, being by yourself is seen as something to be frowned down upon. Invasion of Privacy, on the other hand, prioritizes the self’s needs and wants of simple superficial things such as money and fame. Cardi is not successful in her songs because she’s settled into a happy marriage — it’s because she’s rich and famous. Similarly to Let it Be, the music moves away from Company’s obsession with marriage and love.
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