This advertisement displays several themes shown in Gypsy, from the dynamics of a mother-daughter relationship to beauty. I chose it because the matching clothes, the perfect posing, and the act of a daughter caring for a mother (and her beauty), all reflect in Rose’s relationship with her daughters. She pushes them to strive for a life of fame and theatrics, and for a time, they nurture her dream, going along with her demands. The viewers are left with this push-and-pull between the three characters.

Musical: Gypsy

Publication: unknown

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  1. I totally see the connections between this ad and Gypsy. The thing that sticks out to me the most is the matching pajamas that aren’t 100% matching as the mom is wearing the dress and the daughter is wearing the shirt and pants. To me this is an indication that although the mother may want the life of the daughter, or vice versa, the mother still has the power and control in the dynamic. It reminds me of how much control Rose had over her daughter’s lives for most of the show.

  2. In this image, I see two women in very similar, silk red pajamas lined in delicate white frails , in the act of getting ready for bed. The women are inferably mother and daughter as they resemble each other in clothes and physical appearance and the scene demonstrates the act of hair brushing which is a fairly intimate practice. The image is advertising pajamas hence the bed setting and the white lace, abundance of white on the furniture and walls, and the little flowers scattered across the comforter all hint towards this notion of purity and reservation. The women are blonde or reddish-blonde, beautiful, smiling, and presentable, even for the purpose of slumber. They are not only ideal representations of American beauty but an idealistic representation of a mother and daughter – a loving and caring relationship bound by the shared fiber of femininity and the preparation for what that means in the social context of their environment which in the case of this time period, the younger daughter seems to be quite well trained for as her hair is as elegantly curly and neat as her mother, suitable for an exterior gaze.
    This ad converses with expectations for race and gender most evidently by upholding the popular beauty standard of the time of white, blonde women and it is also another ad out of many that confine women to a domestic setting if not being used for sexualization purposes. The ad glorifies feminine display by allowing expectations of a put together appearance to pervade into a space as personal as a bedroom.
    The mother-daughter relationship represented in this photo manifests a striking salience to the relationship between June and her mother Madame Rose, or more-so the relationship illustrated in the first half of the film. The first thing that caught my attention was how the younger daughter was caring to her mother in the photo which essentially was June’s duty throughout her adolescence as she was expected to fulfill the stardom dreams of her mother vicariously. She was consistently caring for her mother by prioritizing her desires over any sense of agency she could have been developing for her sense. On that note, this deprivation of agency and autonomy can be reflected through the resemblance between the two characters in the ad. The image reminded me of the particular scene at 51:54, where June was performing in a fur coat and her mother was also dressed in a fur coat of her own and made her way on stage mimicking the movement of her daughter performing. Additionally, the action of the hair brushing of a daughter to mother is illustrative of a lineage – the tendency of children to become like their parents and pick up their practices or behaviors and pass them along to their own children.

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